Sports Performance

Speed & Agility

SPARTA’s Sports Performance Program is designed to develop speed, agility, strength and power. The program includes speed and agility as well as strength and power. We have created a program combining the mental and all of the physical attributes that will develop the complete athlete.

SPEED training will consist of drills that work on acceleration and run form on Mon and Tues. Wed and Thursday are the lateral days where we will focus footwork and change of direction mechanics.

The second half is STRENGTH AND POWER. This part of the program is designed to develop mobility, strength and power; all qualities needed to be a great athlete. We will focus on technique and perfection of 3 basic movement patterns (squat, lunge, and hip hinge). Strengthening the core, back and shoulders is all included in perfecting these movements on our way to reducing injury potential and building the complete athlete.

-Olympic lifts
-Power lifts
-Advanced speed and agility
-Flexibility and Mobility
-Injury Prevention

Olympic Lifting is designed to educate athletes of all ages and abilities to correctly perform the Olympic clean, snatch, and jerk. Many young athletes are being introduced to these exercises early in their highest school careers and it is critical that they are taught to do them correctly and safely. This class will also benefit older athletes and adults who are wanting to incorporate Olympic weightlifting into their current exercise routines and proper technique is equally as important with these individuals. Aside from the Olympic lifts themselves, athletes will learn accessory strength exercises that will aid in proper execution of the lifts being taught in the class.



Level 1 and 2 is for athletes LEARNING to train. This class with focus on helping the athletes understand and teaching them to perfect the basic movement skills and cues that we use in our training. We will TRAIN explosive movements, footwork, coordination and speed. Classes will be laid back in a fun atmosphere for the kids to develop motor skills and fast twitch muscle fibers


Level 3 is for athletes that are able to do the basic movement patterns and understand our drills and cues. In this class we will be TRAINING all of the basic movement patterns as well as learning new skills and advancing their training knowledge. Athletes will begin learning advanced training skills, movements, and techniques.


Level 4 is where athletes will be trained to maximize their athletic potentials. This class is structured for older athletes who have successfully trained in the level 3 performance class. Complex lifts, including Olympic and power techniques, will be utilized during these training sessions. The level 4 class will also include advanced speed and agility movements to increase sports performance. This class will give young athletes the tools needed to train and compete to their greatest athletic potential throughout high school, and at the next level.

Functional Movement Screening

Each sport is known for common injuries that occur from competition or from over use. It is a well known fact that female athletes have a higher incidence for ACL and other joint related injuries than male athletes. Although injuries in sports will happen, we believe that the chance for non-contact injuries to occur can be greatly reduced with proper training. The first line of defense is the functional movement screen. This is a series of 7 tests that allow us to identify mobility or stability breakdowns in movement patterns. These movement patterns are specific to human growth and development and are extremely important in athletics because they are fundamental to complex activities. These breakdowns in movement patterns could be a limiting factor in an athlete’s ability to perform to his or her potential as well as identify the potential for injury. Identifying a weak link in these movement patterns will lead to improved exercise prescription.

Schedule an evaluation to get started. We will do a movement screen and set you up with a homework program directed toward any limiting factors found in the screening process. We will also direct you toward which classes would be recommended and the level the athlete should be in. This is and individual session and the $60 private session fee applies.


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