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300 FIT

SPARTA has designed a program to meet the needs of a variety of fitness levels. We take your goals, lifestyle, and physical condition into consideration, giving you the support, guidance, accountability and motivation to keep you on track. To go along with our name SPARTA, we have developed the 300 FIT program. Each class may consist of multiple routines within the 60 minute session. The 300 workouts are high intensity, low impact workouts designed to build muscle, increase endurance, and strip fat FAST. Workouts may consist of kettle bells, dumb bells, battling ropes, sled pushes, core work, and much more.

SPARTA has designed the 300 FIT workouts for you! We rotate the type of workout each day to keep you engaged, get you ripped, and have fun doing it. Get started TODAY!


You can choose from any of our adult or youth programs for a full week trial. You'll have access to our entire facility and state of the art equipment, along with help from trainers. Come check us out today! 

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